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How will places look, when forces of nature reclaim what once was lost,

Will the new inhabitants of these marvels simply be bypassers or will they stay and make thriving cities of nature’s life.

Because of mankind, the animals have been pushed to live in the most abandoned regions of the earth. In search of places where men are rarer than animals.

Shall the ballrooms be again a place of dance and joy, rooms full of life, and the buildings a place of comfort and shelter against the crude forces who retook them?

Cheraine Collette is responsible for the concept, composition, animal photography & digital manipulation.

The series was made by Cheraine Collette, in collaboration with Yoerie Custers,
who is responsible for the photography of abandoned places.

jellyfish swimming in baroque interior from the marvels series
MARVELS | 2019 | Water Ballet
orcas swimming in baroque interior
MARVELS | 2019 | Waltz Of The Whales
Zebra walking on stairs
MARVELS | 2019 | Stairs And Stripes
Giraffes in baroque building
MARVELS | 2019 | Tallest In The Building
lions resting on stairs
MARVELS | 2019 | Staring Lions
Ostriches standing in Baroque ball room
MARVELS | 2019 | Dress Code
detail from dress code, marvels series
MARVELS | 2019 | Detail of Dress Code
two flamingos standing in church
MARVELS | 2019 | Shall We Dance?
asian elephant walking on stairs in a baroque building
MARVELS | 2019 | Steps Of A Giant
monkeys in a building
MARVELS | 2019 | Monkey Business
camels in a arabian spa
MARVELS | 2019 | Camel Spa
white lion closeup
MARVELS | 2020 | Detail of Making An Entrance
lions resting on stairs
MARVELS | 2020 | Making An Entrance
elephants in a building surrounded by ice
MARVELS | 2020 | Big First Impression
flamingos inside building with water and waterfal
MARVELS | 2020| Inner Peace
giraffes standing inside a wrecked building
MARVELS | 2020 | Next level
giraffe in building portrait closeup
MARVELS | 2020 | Detail of Next level
leopards resting inside a building on stairs
MARVELS | 2020 | Leopards Never Lose Their Spots
icebears inside a building seeking refuge
MARVELS | 2020 | Climbing to the top


The MARVELS series has been awarded 1st place at the International Photography Awards (IPA) 2019 in Fine Art Pro and has received several other awards;

– 2020 15th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards (JMCA) Overall Winner Pro and 1st Place in Digital Manipulation & Collage.

– 2020 International Fine Art Photography Awards (FIPA) Nominee in Photomanipulation

– 2020 International Color Awards 13th Annual Pro Nominee in Fine Art category with Water Ballet from the Marvels series

– 2020 Siena Awards Finalist in Architecture

– 2019 14th Pollux Awards Pro Honorable mention in Fine Art

– 2019 14th Julia Margaret Cameron Awards (JMCA) Pro Honorable mention in Fine Art


Limited Editions of 14

– Museum Quality Ultra HD Photo print under crystal clear acrylic glass, depth 4 mm glossy.

– Size: 180 W x 100 H cm | ± 70 W x 39 H inch, Frameless.

– Integrated premium hanging system on Aluminum Dibond backing.

– Each edition is individually signed, numbered, and accompanied with a signed Certificate-of-Authenticity.


MARVELS | 2019 | VR Gallery

This series was made in collaboration with Yoerie Custers who was responsible for the photography of the décor of uninhabited places.

Yoerie Custers at work on location

Yoerie graduated with a diploma in Interior Design. During his studies he developed an interest in capturing old buildings with a camera.

Traveling throughout Europe, to explore forbidden places, in the middle of nowhere, with the signs “KEEP OUT”, but who each contain a great history. They remind him of his childhood.

The owners who forgot it, left it behind or can’t afford it anymore. “Collapsed floors, peeling paint or ivy through the windows. The smell of old papers and the silence inside the buildings” are what make him continually attract to these abandoned places. Places he prefers over the modern world. The unique character of each location after years of slow transformation because of abandonment.
Every image is a result of a journey to forgotten dreams.

Yoerie Custers published two books titled ‘Journey To Forgotten Dreams’ and ‘Secrets Of Neglected Places’.